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Detective company in Vietnam, Detective investigators professionally

Hoan Cau Vietnam Detective Company specializes in providing professional investigative and surveillance services. In Viet Nam, the Hoan Cau detective has been issued a certificate of detective activity and at the same time, the Hoan Cau detective company has been awarded a certificate of merit by the Ministry of Public Security in cases where the police helped the case. The conditions permit us to practice our detective.

The main service of the Hoan Cau Vietnam Detective Company

Detective services for individuals:

  1. Detective services investigate adultery
  2. Detective investigators monitor the lover before marriage
  3. Investigation and monitoring of future son-in-law
  4. Detective services find people who leave home, find people escaped
  5. Monitoring service for monitoring students – students
  6. Detective services monitoring debtors
  7. Detective services investigate personal information, identity verification
  8. Investigate strange phone number information, investigate fraudulent phone numbers
  9. Private detective services investigate car license plate numbers
  10. Investigate your lover’s information online or find a friend in four directions
  11. Detective investigator services upon request

Private detective services for businesses

  1. Investigate unfair competitor information
  2. Investigate the partner’s business information on economic viability and relationships and other relevant information
  3. Investigation service of information of potential customers, loyal customers.
  4. Detective services investigate, monitor and supervise corporate employees
  5. Market research services and opinion polls
  6. Detective investigators track down specific inquiries

Coming to the Hoan Cau Company, you do not have to worry about the quality of services as well as price, investigation costs. We always put the quality of service and cost on the top and at the same time protect the confidentiality of our customers.

– The information security system of the Hoan Cau Vietnam Detective Company is a sophisticated and proven information storage system certified by the Hi-Tech Criminal Investigator , we are proud of being one of the leading companies in this field.

– The detective team investigated all the investigators are all Hoan Cau Viet Nam I trained and trained thoroughly, in the road and professional, professional

– VietNamese Intelligence Company we are currently have officers in the Vietnam military, police in the field to participate in the training and training of detectives in a professional way. All are dedicated to the detective industry. At the same time, Overseas Vietnamese are always updated with the most professional detective equipment to help us investigate and solve the problem effectively, accurately and quickly.

Hoan Cau Vietnam Detective Company

– Address: 4th Floor, Khang Thong Building, 67 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

– Hotline: 0902 746 345 – 0967 185 789

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